Slaver Persian Carpet

Are you tired of your submissive male looking funny in a woman animation? Bored of seeing the same poses of nadu and tower over and over again with no choice to choose a more concrete one?

In our D/S furniture you will find both female and male poses, as well as a wide range of protocol and gorean positions, so you can give any imaginable use to our carpet.
It goes without saying that it has an extensive adult menu, both F/M and F/F and D/S.

Add this detail to your decoration in any corner thanks to its 24 Persian carpet textures. You can find it exclusively, with a 25% discount in We <3 Role Play during the month of July and, once the event is over, in our Mainstore.

Ethnic Collection I

We present the new set of living and dining room, with ethnic and industrial touches, ideal to make a change in the decoration of your home if you are willing to forget the cold and snow of these dates. Give a warm and handmade touch to your home with this complete set.
You can purchase the pieces separately or the complete set, both in the PG and Adult versions from January 15 to February 15 in the Boardwalk event.
If you dare to take one of the complete sets, you will have as an extra the set of lamps and the focus that complete the atmosphere of this set.

Branch Chair @ Mainstore

Chairs to decorate your garden, your kitchen or your living room in eight fun colors and with 120 animations that will enliven your house with a touch of color and very modern originality.

You will find them at your disposal in our store, very low L.I.

Enjoy them!

Stump Set @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

This wonderful established dining room consists in: table, chairs, stools, candelabra and bookshelf carved various types of wood with six shades of bark.

Adult, with 120 animations; Straight, Cuddles and D / S.

Perfect to pick up at home surrounded by friends or to invite your couple to have a good time in company.

You can find it from 05/07 until 06/07 in Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

LI very low. Material enabled.